Can you create a drop ship PO without a Sales Order

Just wondering if you can create a drop ship PO without a Sales Order?

The Drop Ship checkbox on the PO release’s help field just says comes from Sales Order.

Drop ship is intended to bill a customer for product that was shipped to the customer from somewhere other than your company.

In our case, we use it to bill a customer for resin that we buy for them to make their parts and have drop shipped to us. The customer is billed for the resin when we receive in the Drop Shipment. As for the parts we make with that resin, the customer only pays for labor and burden for the parts that were manufactured then shipped to them. Kind of like time separate from materials (two invoices).

So I believe there has to be a Sales Order associated with the PO to create a drop shipment. There is a checkbox on the Sales Order release for Drop Ship. It’s where you link the PO to the Sales Order:

Thanks Beth. We have the SO to PO DS side down but seems a bit odd we can’t do dropship without a SO. We could, as an organisation, buy some parts and have them ship to an offsite address but Epicor doesn’t seem to allow that.


I think you can change the Shipping To address on the header:

Have you tried that?

I think the problem with that is the have a PO that says ship material offsite. So if you receive that material it’ll go into the inventory in the company but you’ll then have to ship.

Can you change the PO Line type to other? the receipt will need to happen however no inventory will be recorded.

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I would ask why are you making the purchase? Is it job material for a sub-contract operation? If so then you should have a non-stock part that is flagged as purchase direct to a job. You would change the ship-to on the PO to your sub-contract supplier. It would need to be received which will auto issue it to a job.
I will hit wip and not inventory.
If it isn’t for this reason then it is just something you are expensing and giving to another organization for free? This seems potentially sketchy to me.

Thanks for the responses @bderuvo & @Eric_Howell. There a couple of things I can try. This situation is arising as customers are picking up from our sister company but we need to have things go through Epicor correctly. Our old system allowed for a PO with a different delivery address without a Sales Order so I guess we didn’t identify this scenario during testing.