Cancel jobs/orders

Hi Paul,

Here's what we do. First, we determine what our costs are into the job and
if we will get charged any cancellation fees by any of our vendors.

If there are costs on the job or if we will get charged cancellation fees by
our vendors:
-Our president reviews the job, the job costs, and any cancellation fees and
determines what we should charge the customer as a cancellation fee.
-We then modify the sales order price and enter comments that the order was
cancelled and an explanation of the cancellation charges.
-We enter job comments similar to those on the sales order.
-We then ship and invoice the sales order and complete the job.

If there are no costs on the job:
-We enter comments on the sales order line and job stating that the order
was cancelled and why along with the name of the internal contact who spoke
to the customer and the date.
-We void the sales order.
-We 'close' the job.

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Strangely enough, we haven't happen this before in our company;
We just had an order and a project that got cancelled. Jobs were set up for
this order and materials demand was being created, but no purchases have
been made.

I couldn't find anything in either the FAQ section or on the help screens (I
guess this sort of stuff doesn't happen), but how do you cancel jobs and
orders in Vantage? What are the procedures?


Paul Siebers