Capturing Direct GL Costs in Project Cost Reporting


I work in a manufacturing environment utilizing EPICOR 10.1.500.17, including the Project Management module, to manage pre-production projects.

We utilize the Purchase Order functionality for 90%+ of project costs, which capture correct in Project costing and revenue recognition reporting. However, we have additional costs that are posted directly to the project GL (miscellaneous shipping, intracompany “charge backs” for plant location costs supporting projects, and reclassifications for error corrections), entered using GJ (General Journal?) Journal Code in the GL module and PJ (Purchase Journal?) Journal Code in the AP module.

These costs are only associated with the GL and not to a project, so Project Cost/Revenue Recognition never captures these additional costs - a big problem.

Is there an elegant solution here - or at least a work around?

  • Is there a way to add a “project ID” field in the GJ and PJ entry screens to associate the entry to a project and not just the GL reference code?

  • Could “Jobs” be created to associate those costs to the project?

Please let me know if you need any amplifying information. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hi, do you already have a segment setup for the project I’d?

Thanks for the quick response!

Yes, I believe we have a segment set up for pre-production projects, and within that segment, we have reference codes to have separate unique GL’s for each project. While the reference codes match the project ID, the information from the GL doesn’t correlate to the Project Cost module reporting.

The project cost/revenue recognition screens only seem to include Purchase Orders, which are tied to the project through a “project ID” field at PO creation.

Hi Brad,

The cost collection device in Projects is the WBS Phase Job. It is the ONLY way to collect costs in Projects. The GL does not have a project ID and there’s no tool in the Projects command set to transfer costs into/out of/or between projects outside the transactions that work with Phase Jobs.

Mark W.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. Here’s my ignorance showing through - I’ve never heard of a WBS Phase job and we do not use them, and yet we have cost allocated to projects.

Do you, or the wider community, have any recommendations on how to account for entries made by other functional areas - for example Accounts Payable entering project costs from a FedEx account to the GL - and tie back to the Project through WBS phase jobs?

If there’s no solution, this would seem like a fairly fatal flaw - project cost reporting and revenue recognition will never actually match the GL.

Hey Brad,

If you could paste a screen shot of your phase detail page, I can point out the WBS Phase Job.

In AP Invoice Entry, you would assign costs from AP on this screen:

You’re referencing the WBS Phase Job where there should be one per phase.

Mark W.