Cash receipt import automation

Is anyone aware of a way to automate the “cash receipt entry?” We receive a large volume of ACH payments into the bank and currently we take the remittance advice form and apply each payment to the invoice manually. Is anything out there that would take a file and apply it automatically within Epicor 10? My AP clearing is being done with a file we get from the bank but I don’t see anything for the AR.

It would require some processing of the file your bank gives you, but DMT could do this quite easily.

I just noticed this. “Bank Receipt File Import” looks like it will do what I’m looking for. Thanks for the suggestion.

Did you ever get this figured out? All I see in the documentation is the ‘generic import file’ but I can’t determine the specifications on that file and which electronic interface really is the ‘generic version’. All I see is country specific. I also found someplace a possible clue in that one might need to convert from a bank statement file (e.g. BAI) to this ‘generic version’.

No, we ourselves never did.

We wound up using CSG to customize the BAI file from our bank. It includes ACH, lockbox and wire payment info. They did a good job but it cost a few dollars.

However, we aren’t done with it because instead of creating an unposted cash receipt’s group like it should when using Actions-Process Group, it automatically posts directly from Bank Receipt File Import. This means we can’t adjust for customer deductions, debit notes etc. So for now are holding off on it.

Customer Support has not been very helpful. The CSG programmer and I have gone through the trouble shooting process on the support case with no resolution to create an unposted group. The support rep has closed the case twice on his own so I have to open a new one again and reference the other two.

I should have said CSG created a custom EI for our bank’s BAI file.