ACH Module?

Does Epicor have an ACH module or something built in that could process ACH? I thought they did but wasn’t sure what it was called.

thanks Kim

Electronic Payment methods are available. You need to set up a few things (check under Electronic Interface Maintenance). You also have to create a template based on specs from your back. If you are lucky a payment template might already be available. Some people build their own. We ended up outsourcing the template build to CSG which saved us a lot of time as our company/plant setup is challenging to say the least.

so out of box isn’t that great.

Out of the box I think it’s fine, but it’s a roll you own solution to begin with because every bank can set their own version of the ACH file format. It’s a customization sure, but it’s a sweet processing tool once it’s all set up.

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Agreed; also once you have the template for your particular bank it is not likely to change and it becomes one of those set and forget things.

If you have prior experience with creating ACH templates; you can probably do it yourself. I had done it for different ERP platforms, but in our case it definitely paid off to have CSG do it. It took them quite a few testing and editing rounds back and forth with our bank before it was just right. Having solid communications with your bank’s tech resource and testing dept can shave days of the process.

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I will chime into this thread and just say you have to very specific with CSG exactly what you want. You will need to provide a specific bank spec, draw pictures, high-light rows and have lots of patience. They will certainly not get it correct the first time and be prepared for lots of frustration (as they fix one thing only to break something else) and you will need to follow-up weekly. Also, Epicor will want to charge more money to simply recompile a DLL when there is a version change. I think it is a bit petty, but it is what is it is.

The good thing once it is done, it done and does work well. IMO, Epicor should just do all the template for any kind of sizeable bank. But, they do not.

We are using Chase and after selecting the standard JPMC (Chase) option in the Electronic Interface program, the file it generated is nothing like the format that Chase requires. Is using CSG the only option to get the file format modified since this is an internal program?

Which standard is Chase asking you for… standard ACH or ISO20022.

Did you try using the JPMC EI?

We usually just hand it off to CSG and they are fast when it comes to EI Formats… We always worked with @Humberto_Martinez

There is alot of things I would not have CSG touch… but Electronic Interfaces are one thing they have been good at.

Lastly, perhaps someone on the forums already has a Chase EI they could share.

I believe Chase is asking for the standard ACH. Yes, I selected the JPMC EI: EI\Payment_JPMCPayment_JPMC.cs

Agree with you about CSG, but good to know they have been successful regarding the EI formatting.


Thanks for the feedback!

CSG is not the only option, if you are comfortable defining the mappings and writing the code, you can define your own project file for an EI/PM. I have done several of these for different clients and banks.
The project file does need to be deployed to the server, so depending on your deployment this may have some extra considerations.

To me it was a case of “been there, done that” enough to know that it could run into days of my time figuring it out. I am sure I could have gotten it to work, but it was easier and quicker to fork over the money.


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