Category for any code problems

As I said there, code whining problems do seem to dominate the discussions here.

Does it make sense to have a special category for this?

And if so, would you include BAQ and App Studio issues? (I say yes.)

If you are thinking, “What about the #code-review-sharing category?” Well, that’s for working code, not advice for problems.

Also, sorry, because we keep adding categories left and right.

In my opinion, I think that would make it harder to find things. The search is pretty good.

This kind of flopped which leads me to believe separating anything else into specific categories will flop as well.

Yeah, I don’t really use categories at all to be honest.

Its mostly IT questions because 80% of everything else can be figured out from the help file or from starting a case. I don’t see the other questions being neglected when asked.

Well, I’m actually proposing this in order to make it harder to find.

Like, not all of us are coders. Some want to learn about the software itself.

Granted, the home page jumbles it all together, and that’s where I start anyway. It may not change my life at all.

But if perhaps some want to look at the Kinetic category and see only UI stuff.

Right, same here, in all honesty.

nope. :wink:

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I’m curious what the non-coders would have to say. But of course they’ll see this post title and run away lol.

Hey now… I’m a non-coder.

I just happen to know how to code is well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Taking a page from… cough a certain outcome recently. This idea will not be implemented :sweat_smile:

Oh now, I didn’t say “Let’s bash Epicor Ideas

Man you are fast on that solved button

Yeah it did feel a bit dictator-ish… I apologize

We’ve tried adding more categories in the past and they don’t work. People don’t use them, and things in them get buried or forgotten.

If we got more questions about non technical things that’s what would dominate the forum, I don’t think that moving the questions for technical questions to a different category is going to do anything to quell that, the solution is simply asking more non technical questions :slight_smile:

It’s really OK. I was waiting for it.

I really have no leg to stand on there. I agree it doesn’t seem to help at all.

I don’t know, just trying to think of ways to help the discussion.

Also, I’m moving the solution to @Banderson :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m working on it!