CEF To Load Documents on Order Entry Screen

Jose -

At the MEUG meeting you showed some kewl tools on your Order Entry screen showing loading a embedding a doc into the form but actually showing the doc to the user while the work on the order. Can you show more of how you did this and how it works.

I used CEFSharp

Which is basically embeded Chrome as a Windows Form Control.

You need to include the distributable portion of it in your Client Files
Then simply delcare a class Level ChromiumBrowser

ChromiumWebBrowser browser;

Then add it to a control (groubox in this case) wherever you want it to show up


Then you can have it display anything a file, a URL etc…


In my case I just say load “pdf” where the PDF is the PDF File I download from Epicor

Dictionary<String,String> metaData = new Dictionary<String,String>();
							var fileData = attachmentBO.DocStarDownloadFile(xFileRefNum,ref metaData);
							string fileName = Path.GetTempFileName().Replace(".tmp",".pdf");
							File.WriteAllBytes(fileName, fileData);
			                    //modify UI elements here
								 pbProgress.Style =ProgressBarStyle.Continuous;

here are some more references to CEFSharp from @hkeric.wci



And Microsoft’s WebView2 is also a Chromium component:

And it’s open source:

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Nice @Mark_Wonsil didn’t know

I didn’t either. I just happened to see it during the Build 2020 news yesterday.


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Thanks Jose. Awesome stuff here and what you showed in the MEUG meeting yesterday. Thanks again

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