Change a Pull as Assembly in a Configurator to use a normal MTL

I have 3 large configurators that were created calling out Pull As Assembly materials, and production has requested switching these to normal material, not Sub Assemblies.

The issue is we have set qty expressions on these:

JobAsmbl.QtyPer = System.Convert.ToDecimal(Inputs.P01_cmb_NumbBay.Value);
QuoteAsm.QtyPer = System.Convert.ToDecimal(Inputs.P01_cmb_NumbBay.Value);

But these will need to change to JobMtl.QtyPer & QuoteMtl.QtyPer if I switch the MTL in Engineering workbench to not Pull As Assembly.

The Configurator tables do not seem to be updatable with the DMT, which was my original hope.

I am wondering if anyone has an easy way to do this.

The lookup tables? I, too, have come to this conclusion. I ended up exporting them to Excel and making changes as needed and copy/paste, etc. Then paste update.

Hey Norm!

This may have back in the Vantage days, but I thought I tried putting the part on twice, once as an assembly and once as material and used a Keep When (at the time) to choose one or the other. Again, this was long ago and the configurator has been updated a couple of times since then…

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Great idea!! I wish I had thought of that. I’ve been in Norm’s seat but thankfully it was only a couple lines, not the whole configurator.

Hey Mark, I’d still have to recreate all the qty code, which I’m trying to avoid. :frowning:

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4 configurators with 80 materials each! :grimacing:

Yeah, this is where shared libraries for Configurators would have been great. Not sure if it’s there in Kinetic though…

Okay, I found a semi-automatic solution for this and thought I’d share it in case anything else runs into the same issue. First, I should say I opened a support ticket with Epicor, who confirmed there was no built-in way to do this in the system.

  1. I created an Updatable dashboard to pull the configurator and BOM rules.image
  2. Exported the results to excel and made the code changes (replace JobAsmbl with JobMtl)
  3. Paste updated into the Dashboard
  4. Updated the engineered BOM to remove the PullAsAsm on those MTLs. I exported the MTL list to excel, made the changes, and paste updated them back in.

A note:

If you change the BOM first, all of the code you have on the MtlSeq will be removed. However, if you do it in the order above, you might get a pop-up warning in the engineering workbench saying this will happen, but it won’t because the code is now referencing the correct target.