Change default query in dashboard

This may be super simple, but I am not sure exactly how to do it. I have a dashboard with two queries on two different sheets. When I open the dashboard it automatically opens the second query in the second tab. Is there a way I can set the default to open the dashboard to the first sheet or the first query?

Try Removing the Second Query and observe if this has started to open the 1st, Once done, Re-Add the Second Query.

My guess is you were on the second tab when you clicked the save layouts option.

If you open the dashboard in developer mode and go to the first tab and then chose the save layouts option again and save. Exit pull up the dashboard to see if that makes a difference.

Also are either of the queries set to auto refresh on load? If one is set to auto load that may impact how the dashboard loads up.

We are on 10.2.700 and the last tab is also my starting point if the auto refresh on load is on for that tab.