Change epiShape form object from c#


I’m adding an enhancement to our Sales Order form. I added an epiShape to the form and set the color as red and visible to false.

What I want is for this red epiShape control to show for the end-user when my custom c# code returns a boolen of true. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Do this in customization. Here is some relevant stuff

Great thanks. I did a small test method and this worked for changing that control color. Now for the real life test, how would I pull in the value of the user selected Sales order and the accompanying part number to store in variables in this method?

could you give an example to explain your issue of pulling in UI selected values?


I wrote a search method in C# to look for text files with a particular sales order number in the file name. It works with a hard coded value as a test but now I need it to work on a currently selected sales order.

I added an epishape to show a red color if this file is not in a directory. So when a user types in a sales order number the code should set the string variable to whatever sales order number the user has pulled up. This variable should change once the user goes to another sales order then run the search routine for the file again.

The orderdtl dataview will have both of those values so get/set from there

As Aaron suggests, the dataview is the way to go. Probably the most straightforward way is to use the customization wizard to add a field changed event on the relevant dataview/field. When you add it with the wizard, there is some example syntax on how to access the field.