Change JobNum for JobHead and JobAsmbl

We have a process where we go to JobEntry, select new, select button GetNextJob, then enter the partnumber and revision number and due date. At this point, we select save, and I am trying to create a Data Directive (in-transaction) on JobHead …that will check if the partnum/revision exists in another table; if it does, we need to change the JobNum.

I am able to change the JobHead.JobNum, but cannot change the JobAsmbl.JobNum. I end up with a JobHead record with the new job number and the JobAsmbl table has the old jobnum from the original GetNextJob.

Do you know if there is a method to run and update the JobNum on JobAsmbl while in the update of the JobHead?

This sounds about right to me.
Since data directive on JobHead would only have the one “temp table” - ttJobHead?
So… I’m thinking you’ll need to use method directive(s) instead of a data directive?

I was trying to do this with a Method Directive also, using a Pre-Directive, that called a Post-Directive if the conditions were met. I didn’t want to touch base processing. Do you have any suggestions on how do update the tables using the Method Directive for JobEntry.Update?

Sorry, nothing specific off the top of my head.
But from your description I am thinking this will involve take more methods than just the JobEntry.Update.

If it were me, I would start by enabling tracing while I perform the data entry steps.
Once I had the trace, then I might try to step thru the different methods and see if I manipulate the datasets… via the the BLTester.