Change Status Bar Color

Is it possible that I can change status bar color for each company and each plant?

yes look at the Run Time Styler… in the application guide and the ice user guide.

Thanks, but I still can’t find some properties can change status bar color for each plant.

Epicor Customization Guide → Styling and Themes

When I changed Ultra Status Bar Background color. All companies status bar color were changed. How can I only control one company?

Please read the guide I suggested it walks you through what you need to do to create Company, Plant specific filters.

Thanks for your help. I finished.

There is also an Answerbook (6153ESC) that gives a nice walk-through of using Styles and Themes to change the screen appearance based on company. Although it says it is for v9, it also works for 10.

Does this affect modern view or only applicable to classic?


I am on version 10.1.400.20 and I tried following the user guide, but I don’t see all the menus it is showing. For example, I went to Settings, General Options, but I don’t see Form Styles as an option and I don’t see any mention of runtime Stylist. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

your user settings are probably not setup to maintain themes.

Do you know where I would go to check? I tried looking in security and I clicked the box next to maintain themes but I am still not seeing the Form Styles.