Change style based on a field value


Can we change the “style”(e.g. make the font a different color) based a field value for a row. More specifically we’d like to have all advance billing rows display a different color in AR Invoice Entry, so they are easy to differentiate.


Are you referring to the form ( a window that appears on the users computer) or a report (like the printed Invoice)?

Whoops… I see you said during entry.

You should be able to use a row rule to highlight fields based on its (or another fields) value.

Note this has issues on Tracker forms. Works on grid displays in trackers, but not regular individual fields.

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The following would give you something like:


  1. Open AR Entry in Developer mode
  2. Enter Customization Mode
  3. Save As a new customization (I use ARIE_01, …_02, etc…)
  4. Select Wizards \ Rule Wizard tab
  5. Click New Rule
  6. Enter fields as shown below
  7. Click Right arrow
  8. Enter fields as shown
  9. Click Right Arrow
  10. click Update code
  11. Save Customization and close

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Thank you so much!