How to select the color when highlighting rows on a Dashboard

I’m trying to highlight rows of a dashboard grid different colors. There are tips in this forum regarding this topic, but I cannot seem to figure out exactly how to do it.

I created a BAQ and added it to a dashboard. In the grid properties of the dashboard query, I created a rule when the job completed quantity is >= order quantity, then highlight the All field. This works, but it does not let me choose a color. What am I missing in order to specify what color I want the row to be?

see the following post - and the last post. Also, ignore my post in the middle)

Right, I believe you need to do it in the Customization layer to pick any color you want. Without a Customization I think you can only choose red, yellow, or green – which correspond to “error”, “warning”, and “ok”.

How do I get into Customization for a query in a dashboard?

Customize the deployed dashboard

I’m drawing a blank. Usually, to customize something I turn on developer mode and then run it to get into the customization tool. The dashboard doesn’t have that option. How do I customize it?

try right clicking in various parts of the form

Build the dashboard as an application and then add it to a menu (Dashboard Assembly type), then you can open the menu item in developer mode as now it is a “form” rather than a dashboard

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Thanks so much for the help on this.