Changing an Existing Dashboard to a Column that was not selected visible

Needed to make a change to an existing Dashboard.

The changes made are to the Dashboard Grid Properties where I Checked ‘Visible’ for the PORel.DueDate and changed the Label Caption to ‘Due Date’.
The end users want to show the Due Date on this Dashboard. The Query as is for this dashboard has the due date field and it’s just the Dashboard that does not show it.

Saved the changes (there is no Save as for an option).

Refreshing after the changes shows that I have the ‘Due Date’ visible and clicking on refresh I can see all the data as expected in Dashboard Maintenance.

Now to see the ‘Due Date’ in the deployed dashboard what is the process? I have gone back to the module where the dashboard is deployed, and I don’t have the ‘Due Date’ showing.

I have tried the Deploy Dashboard option from Dashboard Management, Check marked ‘Deploy Smart Client Application’ and click on ‘Deploy’ and receive a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ prompt to replace and existing .dll file. This .dll file only exists in one place on the server. I am working in the test DB and I am reluctant to replace the .dll file as I have a suspicion it will replace the Dashboard for all data base instances, these being live, test, pilot, training.

What is the correct method to make the changes to the Dashboard and apply the change to only the test DB?
If the only method to test is to deploy the dashboard as a different dashboard how can I copy this dashboard, give it a new ID and description, and deploy?

System dashboards must be copied (possibly export and import as new). Then you can modify the new one any way you need.

Did you try clearing your client cache after deploying?

I recall in E9 I didn’t get much luck after creating a dashboard and then altering columns (in particular where you had to alter the BAQ).