Changing Part description

I’m needing to automate the change of part description on the part entry page and the revision part description. They revision part description doesn’t change when the part description in part entry is changed on the main screen. Can this be automated where when the part description in part entry main screen is changed it changes everywhere else?

Hello William,

It is my understanding that these two fields are not connected. You can, however, use the DMT tool to mass revise Part Descriptions. You may be able to use this same tool to revise the related revision descriptions.


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Hey Joe, Thanks for the input. Kinda what I was thinking but wanted to see what others thought. Thanks!

When the part description is changed on the part entry screen it will update everywhere else the information is displayed.

It would be quite easy to write a BPM so that a new revision would have the same description as the part, but you would have to be mindful of what happens when you have more than one revision.