Changing production standard default to fixed hours

Hopefully everyone is having a great day! I was curious if anyone has insight in regards to production standards default. Currently every time we add a specific operation to a job it defaults to Hours/Piece. We immediately switch that over too Fixed hours. I would assume there is a way to have fixed hours pre populate into that field every time this operation is added vs having the hours / piece. Any insight is GREATLY appreciated!! Have a great evening.

You can set the default for all operations in the company configuration file


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Thank you very much @E102016! If I understand your comment correctly this would make all operations be assigned to fixed hours? This may be okay but ideally we only wanted to have one of many operations come auto populated with fixed hours. Are you aware of a way to assign that default to one specific operations and all operations in the system? Thanks again for your help on this! It is greatly appreciated.

Generally, when you change a setting it will apply to the next added part. In effect, you are setting the defaults that are used when adding new items/operations/whatever. You will still have to go in and change your routings, but new routings will call out the changed settings.

Be wary, using fixed run hours does not use order quantity to calculate time across resources. Your scheduled run time will be the same for a 1 piece job as it would be for a 100 piece job (which may be appropriate for you).

@Gil_V Thank you very much for this insight! To your second point, we do want essentially all operations to be hours/piece how ever we have one operations we want to be calculated by fixed hours. I thought it may be possible to have the system assign fixed hours for that operation only every time it is added to a routing then have all other operations still auto populate to hours /piece. From your information it sounds like the system can only have one option auto populate for every operation. Seeing how majority of operations fall under hours/piece I am thinking I will leave that alone. All this being said, I figured Epicor would have the logic built in to assign a specific production standard (fixed hours) when a specific Operation is added to the routing. Thanks again for your insight. It is greatly appreciated!

Epicor gives complete control over how operations are scheduled, it’s actually one of the better schedulers I’ve ever used.
You can certainly have individual operations schedule via different methods (some with fixed run times, some with hours/piece). Just need to set up the methods.

There is no “auto population” once you’ve got data. You will have to go into the methods and alter the operations that you want to schedule via fixed hours.

The option you discussed at the top of the postings was how you set the default. You can certainly override that when construction a method.