Changing XL Connect Data Source

Hi, I'm not sure from your question if you want to have both and be able to switch in Excel or just change the one that you currently have set up to access the Test rather than Pilot.
I had to spend many hours of the phone with support before I got someone that understood this set-up and could explain it to me.

If you simply want to switch the database that your datasource is pointing to, then go to your SQL report manager and you can change the connection string for your XL Connect data source.

If you want to have two different datasources and switch between them in XL Connect then you set up a complete new set of XL Connect structure and assign it to a different database. For example, I have Epic9 pointed at my production database, and a separate set, Epic9Test, pointed at the Test database. This allows the user to change the database they are pulling from directly in Excel XlConnect settings.



I'm looking to change XL connect's data source from Pilot to Test, however I'm running in to trouble and can't really see where in the documentation the data source is originally set up.  Do I have to rerun the .sln file for each module?  Is this an easy process?  Is it easier to just set up Test as a new data source?  I called support but they've been slow in responding.