Check Parts in and Out every night

I need to be able to run have AGENT check parts out and back in every night. This only be for one revision. How would you do this?

Someone’s got to ask… so …



From my understanding, the last revision checked in and out is the one that gets pulled into the Order. When our CSR’s enter the order it should automatically only pull in the VT revision. That is our generic revision as many of our parts are custom. However, it is pulling in anything but the VT revision.

Nope, it’s the revision with the valid effective date.

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They all have valid effective dates.

why? If there is only one that should be used, it should be the only one with a valid effective date.

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Ok, let me walk back a bit. This may sound a little newb, but, how do we know if it is a valid effective date? I see all of my revisions are approved, so I am assuming that means valid.

I’m working on some tests. (we only use one revision, so I want to make sure what I tell you is correct). hold tight.

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alright, so the order will pull in the revision with the effective that that is the nearest in the past.

Rev A effective 1-1-2017 approved
Rev B Effective 1-1-2018 approved

the order will pull in Rev B, with the option to change to Rev A

If you have new revs, but you want to use the old one, you need to make the revision that you want to be used the one with the newest (but still in the past) effective date.

Any effective dates in the future will interact with the dates on the order (I would have to test to make sure I gave you the right information on that) but basically, effective dates in the future are to help manage a cut over.

If you are using a generic part number, and using rev’s to mean a totally different part (aka they don’t work as a replacement) this is a bad way to try and manage that.

So this would be why then the VT revision was checked in and approved every night. Makes sense. Question still remains, how? Before we upgraded to 10.2.300 it was done by the AGENT automatically every night. My predecessor set it up and I never really looked much into it as I had no need and more pressing issues.

That doesn’t change the effective date. And doesn’t make it pull in automatically on the order.

But if it pulls int he nearest from the past, then by having the revision checked in and out every night would allow that one to always be the nearest one, correct?

Effective date, not approved date.


And you can approve/unnaprove without checking out/checking in. But that doesn’t fix what you want anyways.

Gotcha. So with us having many revisions on our parts and one generic that needs to pull in the order first, what would be the bet method to make that happen?

Use different part numbers.

But if you still can’t do it that way, you would have to do something with unnaproving, changing the effective date, then approve.

You might also want to consider ONLY having the VT revision be approved… all other revisions are unapproved.

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That one is not going to happen. As an example, one of our parts has over 100 revisions. We are a highly customization printing company.

And we are an engineer to order company. Making a new part number really isn’t any harder than making a new revision. If it’s that different, it really shouldn’t be a revision. Hence the trouble that you are having working with it.

Probably the easiest workaround, is to make your new revisions with really old effective dates.

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Form my perspective, I agree with you. BUT those around me, the CSR management, will not like that as it increases the number of parts to have and would cause confusion.

we have the agent kick off and it starts a Service Connect routine. We also have the agent kick off BPMs as well. Look for a BPM Method on Engineering WB.