CheckBox Wierdness

Something I haven’t seen before. I added a new CheckBox to a Customization, and instead of being added with a Size of 16, 17 it was added as a size 60, 20 with the Name scruched in to the right of the box and attached to the box ( this is not a Label, I just added the new CheckBox and the Label Field is blank ).

This wasn’t happening three days ago ( Friday ), but is happening today ( Monday ). Checked with my boss, no changes to the Test environment between Friday and today. Same version, no refresh of the Data.

I’ve attached a screenshot - has anyone else seen this ? Did I accidentally change a setting, or has perhaps the default App Styling been changed to cause this ?


Ken Brunelli

Alternatively, I’ve only ever seen checkboxes behave this way since E9. I just resize the checkbox and add a label to it.


I’ve only worked with E10, and when adding a new CheckBox this is the first time I’ve seen this happen. That’s what gave me the “WHAT???” moment :smile:

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Interesting, that looks more like a standard control.

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That always shows up for me, but after I save my customization, close and reload it, that text goes away.

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