Checking logged in users

I need to take Epicor down for maintenance. I’ve sent out emails detailing the down time, etc. but I have a feeling some users will still end up being in Epicor when I go to take it down.

Is there a way for me to check to see who’s in Epicor before I turn it off?

You can look at either User Tracker under System Management (may be in another menu, but I don’t have Epicor open in front of me). You can also look in the Epicor Admin Console under Sessions. Both will show active user sessions.


Awesome, thanks!

Hey Tyler, I’m not seeing a User Tracker. Under Security Maintenance I found:

  • User Session Log Report (but errors out when I try to run it)
  • System activity log (doesn’t display anything when I leave everything but the date empty)

Are those what you were thinking? or was it called something else?


It’s apparently under Executive Analysis > Trackers > User Tracker. I was remembering wrong last night.

I don’t see that tracker, I’m on 10.0.700.4

Maybe it’s on newer versions only?

That’s possible. We upgraded from Epicor 9 to 10.1.600 and then fairly quickly to 10.2.300, so I’m not sure what version it was added in. You should still be able to use the Epicor Admin Console to view active sessions none the less.

Yeah, I’ve used it before. Feels finicky though.

But thanks for all the help!