Mobile CRM App License Usage

We want to be able to see who is using the Mobile CRM app, as we had to pay quite a bit for the licenses, so need to make sure the sales team are using them. I can’t even see the sessions appearing in the admin console. Anyone got any idea how to see this?

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If you navigate to System Setup > Security Maintenance > Session Management, that grid will show you who’s logged in and what license is being consumed.


Nice Chris!

Ah that’s cool, unfortunately we don’t have that as still on 10.1.500. Hopefully looking to upgrade soon though.

Hi Spaceage,

Thanks for your information on the Session Management but is there anyway there user login is from time to time instead of “last active” only?

Hi cmtang.
I looked at the source data for Session Management, and it looks like the data table (Ice. AdminSession) is not available to us to query (I’m in the cloud). I’m not sure where session durations would be stored or if they are accessible.

Hi Spaceage,

Thanks a lot. I am on the cloud version as well.