Client Cache - significance of ClassAttributeMRU count values?

Does anyone know the significance/meaning of the count values stored in the ClsAttrMRUList_.xml file?

I’m doing some performance testing and came across an older ticket that recommended reviewing the MaxBOMRU and MaxClssAttrMRU values in the client sysconfig file. As suggested in that ticket, I increased the MaxClssAttrMRU value to allow more items to be cached, and this behaved as expected.

After clearing the client cache and opening a few different modules to test performance, I went into the Epicor client folder in ProgramData to review the BOSecMRUList and ClsAttrMRUList.

The counts in the BOSecMRUList make sense; it seems like the counts shown in the xml were related to the number of times a BO was called.

However, I’m struggling to understand the significance of the counts shown next to each item in the ClsAttrMRUList. After clearing the cache and opening a few modules, the counts for a few class attributes were in the thousands and while there might be new/different items in the list, the count values attached to a given item seemed to be static even after different modules were opened a few times (counts were checked each time after logging out of the Epicor app).

I wasn’t able to find much documentation on how these values are generated aside from that they are supposed to include “commonly used” BOs and extended properties.

Examples of top values from the two lists are below:

ClassAttribute id=“Erp.BOProject" count=“4102”
ClassAttribute id="Erp.BO
SalesOrder” count=“1543”
ClassAttribute id=“Erp.BOQuote" count=“1495”
ClassAttribute id="Erp.BO
JobEntry” count=“1062”

BO name=“Erp:BO:Part” count=“15”
BO name=“Erp:BO:Quote” count=“12”
BO name=“Erp:BO:PartTran” count=“8”
BO name=“Erp:BO:Customer” count=“6”