MtlTag.OprSeq Returning Inconsistent Data

We use the material tag report (run from Report Qty Screen) and the MtlTag.OprSeq field returns the current operation (90) when run from a new PC we purchased and it returns the next operation (100) when run from existing PC Epicor installs. The XML verifies the numbers exported from Epicor but I can’t figure out how that could happen.

We have tried to isolate it to users, personalizations, customizations, etc and it seems to happen on 3 PC’s we have…the rest of them work. It doesn’t matter what user is logged in. Both PC’s have the same .NET versions. We deleted and reinstalled E9 on the non-working PC to eliminate that.

Any ideas what to look for on something like this?


Assume you have cleared client cache as well?

Josh Owings

Yes, thanks. I forgot to mention that. Cache is cleared, personalization is deleted, fresh install.

I am not sure how the undercarriage works for the XML creation…is that coming out of the .NET client objects or are they just passing arguments to the server to output the XML to the EpicorData folder?