Client Shortcut Installation


Trying to install the E10 Client on a workstation, but the shortcut for the Epicor10 application does not show in the list. Only default on EpicorV10 is available to select.

Client is running Win 7 Pro and belongs to the domain. User logged in is a member of Domain Users and IIS_USRS.

I have another workstation running Win 10 Pro that is not experiencing this issue.

Any ideas? Could this be a permission issue?

What list?

Shortcut Creation during client installation

Epicor10.sysconfig file is in the Client/config folder and should be
available to select in the above list.


Brian M. Garver
Northern Concrete Pipe, Inc.

Check the permissions o the Epicor10 file… make sure somehow it didn’t get super protected

The Epicor10.sysconfig file has read&execute and read permissions for Domain Users. These were inherited from the deployment folder.