Combining calculated fields


I’m trying to combine 2 calculated fields into one in order to get a Net Available amount for each part.
I’ve created this calculated field called TotalQty…

Total(OrderRel1.OurReqQty - orderRel1.OurJobShippedQty - orderRel1.OurStockShippedQty)

…which gets incorporated into this calculated field, called Net Available.

if(PartWhse.OnHandQty - TotalQty)<0
then 0
else (PartWhse.OnHandQty - TotalQty)

Having both variables gives me the desired result, but I cannot have both calculated fields, only Net Available. Furthermore, I do need what TotalQty does, so I can sum quantities across multiple results and return one line per part instead of several lines. Is there a way to hide a calculated column, or combine these two formulas into one?

This seems like the obvious answer but it hasn’t worked for me:

if(PartWhse.OnHandQty - total(OrderRel1.OurReqQty - orderRel1.OurJobShippedQty - orderRel1.OurStockShippedQty)<0)
then 0
else (PartWhse.OnHandQty - total (OrderRel1.OurReqQty - orderRel1.OurJobShippedQty - orderRel1.OurStockShippedQty))

Thanks in advance!


Where are you publishing the results? Trying to understand why you want to hide one of the calculated fields in the BAQ instead of in your report, dashboard, or other.