CommentText has value exceeding its max length (ODB C)

I've included the instructions we received from Epicor to fix this problem.
They worked well and it wasn't a big deal. We created a list of all the
fields we thought needed to be fixed and did them all at once. We've had no
problems and have even upgraded from 6.0 to 6.1 after making the change.

Chris G.

Fields we thought should be modified:
(We set all fields to 31995)

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Subject: Max length or precision exceed

Summary: ODBC Error: ODBC-call failed (7511) (#-20040). Max length
or precision exceed.
Book: Support Solutions
Page: 2137MPS

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Error during MS Access Query.

Error: ODBC - call failed. [MERANT][ODBC PROGRESS driver][PROGRESS]

Cursor not opened (7511) (#-20040).

When you close or hit OK to the error message all the data
fields change to #name?.


Error: ODBC - Call failed. [MERANT][ODBC PROGRESS
Max length or precision exceeded. (7511)

PROBLEM RESOLUTION: The problem stems from a field within the Data
Dictionary titled "SQL Width". This field can be set from 0 to 31995. The
error occurs when there are more characters within the data field than what
the SQL Width value is for. This typically occurs for fields that contain
large descriptions or comments. Example: PartDesc, Comments, LineDesc,

STEPS to Correct: (Should be done from the Workstation)
- The following steps should be done from the Workstation:
- The syntax below is for Vantage v5. For Vantage v6 please replace 'vtg' by

1) Using windows explorer, go to your Vantage folder and create a copy of
your "Schema Change.vtg.
2) Rename the new "Copy of Schemachange.vtg" file and give it a name like
3) Right mouse click on the new "Fix.Vtg" and select "Edit".
4) Change the "StartupProcedure=" from mainmenu.w to _desk.p
5) Close and save the changes,
6) Before activating the new Fix.vtg, you MUST have everyone out of the
database. Once everyone is out of the database, just double click on the
7) When the Progress Desktop appears, click on the large book like icon or
select Tool --> Data Dictionary
8) Edit the SQL Width for the Table and Field where the problem is
- In the Data Dictionary, click on Table which contains the field that is
causing the error in ODBC.
- Go to the top of the window and select "Options" --> "SQL Properties"
--> "Adjust Field Width"
- Double click into the "Width" column on the Field which is causing the
- Change the value to a number higher than the number of characters you
have in the field or just use the maximum value of 31995.
- Click [OK] and save the updates.
- Close and exit the Data Dictionary and the Progress Desktop.

IF your on 9.1A / Vantage 5.00, run step #9 below.

9) Update the SQL properties by using the Progress SQL Explorer Tool.
- Go to [Start] --> Programs --> Progress --> SQL Explorer Tool.
- Select FILE --> Connect. This will bring up the DSN settings for
your database.
- Click OK and connect to the Vantage database.
- Once connected, in the upper box type: update statistics for
Example: update statistics for pub.invcdtl
- Select STATEMENT --> Execute. This will run for a few minutes.


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Andrew Reed
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Subject: [Vantage] CommentText has value exceeding its max length (ODBC)

We are currently on Vantage 6.1 with a Progress 9.1D database. I am
connecting to Vantage (Progress) from an ASP page via a component built in
VB.Net using a DSN-less connection string, but occasionally get this error.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
'[DataDirect-Technologies][ODBC PROGRESS driver][PROGRESS]Column CommentText
in table PUB.JobOper has value exceeding its max length or precision.

Has anyone delt with this error before?

I found that some of our Operations have greater than 1000 characters in the
CommentText field. So far, the only options I see are to either edit the
Data Dictionary, or edit the comment text (not likely). I did read a
mention about dbtools or something like that, but we are on 9.1D, not
OpenEdge. My short-term solution is to detect the error and re-run with a
new SQL that NOT's out the offending operation (a particular work center),
but that will not work in the long run for what we want to accomplish. Any
help/insight is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!

Andrew Reed

Office Automation Specialist
Crestview Aerospace Corporation

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