Company, plant, or other

Epicor version 9.05.701

Following from one of my earlier posts I’d like feedback on what should be the correct scenario.

We have 4 companies. All in different countries and they are seperate legal entities.
We buy a section of an entirely different company and it will be merged into one of our existing companies. It’s not a separate legal entity however for the time being we have to separate out the reporting side to establish the new sections profitability etc etc.

We merged this into an existing company within epicor…our approach was to build a new Dept (segment value 2) for the new section as a reporting tool in the GL.
This method seemed ok until I was informed by another forum user …the GL control code “inventory cos wip” you can only have 1 set of posting rules for 1 company…so I was unable to point it at the new sections GLs.
Next problem…again I was helped by a forum member…intercompany orders only flow back/forth where the customer/supplier ID is the same as the company ID…so again this caused a problem because we couldn’t separate out the new section how we wanted to.

With all the above in mind…I think it would have been easier to create a new company for the new section to give the capability of reporting separately. GLs would have worked & intercompany.

What’s other people’s thoughts?
What does a “new plant” do? Would that have been a solution?
How do other companies use epicor were on a basic level there is 1 company but 2 sites where you need to see the reporting for both?

Thanks in advance.

One of our companies has two plants where one of the plants has three departments, the other plant has one department. We report profitability both by company and by department. Epicor’s hierarchy “overlays” the department numbers in many of our GL accounts including the COS/WIP accounts. We keep inventory, purchasing, sales, etc. by department. Expenses that don’t belong to a specific department (corporate dollars) are allocated to the departments.We don’t use intercompany suppliers or customers. We handle inventory transfer between the two plants with transfer orders. Our main issue with our setup is that parts can only have one product group/part class which direct the GL causing us to set up separate part numbers for each plant for the same part and handle any inventory movements thru inventory adjustments and occasional GL journal entries. As we have a limited number of parts that are manufactured/sold thru the 2nd plant it works for us.


We have a single company but use multiple plants. The only thing that you can do GL wise is to have the plant change the division segment based on the plant.

For example, our GL Acct for inventory is 1151-xx-01. We have 4 sites(aka plants): PA-00, OK-11, TX-16, and CO-17. When we do a receipt (from Mfg or PO) to a warehouse, the plant that warehouse is in will be used to set the division code (the xx in my Acct number from above).

You can’t use plants to drive GL accts with different Charts.
For example, if we had GL Acct 1151-00-01 for PA and 1152-00-01 for OK, the Plant GLC can’t change the 1151 to 1152. You might be able to do that at the warehouse level.