Configurator and Phantom BOM parts

I’m having an issue with weird interaction between Configurator generated BOM and Phantom BOM parts.

If I manually create a revision with a phantom part in its MOM, when creating a job, that part gets replaced by the parts inside the phantom part, as expected. If the phantom part comes in as part of a configurator BOM though, it doesn’t get exploded into its component parts.
In the quote the functionally is also different but in another way. The phantom part comes in as a sub-assembly, regardless of the pull/view as assembly of the original MOM.

Is there anything I’m missing that is causing the difference between configured and manual BOMs? I have some workarounds I could do, but I’d prefer to get it working the proper way.

Pedro Marques

Answering my own question. From the technical documentation I figured out that my placeholder part had to be defined as a Phantom BOM part, and had to create an approved revision, even though it was empty.