Configurator Designer not exporting/importing

This is, I hope, a very basic question. We are on 10.1.500.10

We have created a configurator in our TEST environment and attached it to a test part. Our plan for moving it to the PROD environment is to export it from TEST, import it to PROD and attach it to the real configurable part in PROD. In order to test the process, we exported it from TEST and changed its name to ConfigForImport. Then we created a new test part that has exactly the same MOM as the one to which the original configurator is currently attached.

When we did the export, we checked all the boxes.

It seemed to import, but has the following problems:
– Everything on the Configurator Entry panel is greyed out. (The Approved checkbox is checked; maybe that has something to do with it?)
– There are no rules
– There is nothing listed under Smart String

What am I missing? I looked at the Tech Ref guide and it just mentioned exporting and importing from the Config Entry screen.

Thanks for whatever words of wisdom you have. We really do not want to have to re-build this.

—Sam Khayatt

Hi @skhayatt,

When you exported the Configurator did you make sure to select all of the appropriate Export, Part Creation (Smart String), or Rules Options?


Can you look through the exported XML file and see if you can find any of the rules you are looking for within it?

I don’t work with Configurators myself but I know just a tiny bit to be REALLY dangerous… yes, once you would uncheck the “Approved” checkbox in Configurator Entry that will open the fields up for you to make changes to them.

We have been exporting/importing Configurators since E10.1.400 and have had success working with hundreds of the exported XML files. We are getting ready to upgrade soon to E10.1.600 and we will have to import ~160 Configurator XML files on Go Live day. My biggest complaint is that there isn’t a way to MASS export/import the Configurators. It’s going to be a looong process to import that many Configurator XML files. :confused:

Hi Heather,

Yes, every checkbox was checked when I did the export.

And upon import, the Approved box is greyed out so I can’t change it.

To my untrained eye, there appear to be rules in the XML file – or at least there are condition statements. The logic of these condition statements is something like “if value of this position is X, then limit the values of another position to A, B and C.”

It seems to me like there is some big thing somewhere that I am missing.


Just trying to remember a few of the issues I had when importing.

Don’t import with Approve Configuration ticked as if there’s an issue it imports it with approved ticked and greyed out and you then can’t do anything with it.
Also to delete it Epicor advised to go into the SQL server and run a script to unapprove it so I could delete it (I can post the script if you need it).

Are the part and configurator names exactly the same in TEST and PROD?

If not that could explain why there are missing rules etc as in the XML export file those names are there many times.

Note: You could use a text editor and mass replace the names in the XML file then try importing that.


@skhayatt I have had this issue before when importing. We had to ensure that there was a design page created with an input on it before importing it. We had to create the configurator in our target environment with a design page and input before importing.

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Thanks for the help. We removed the approve flag. And the issue was that I was reimporting to TEST (but to a different part) so we did do a mass replace in the XML file and that worked.

Wanted to get the process down in test before moving to PROD.

Thanks again.

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