Configurator Output Updating on Quantity Change

Hello to everyone here at E10 Help I am in a bit of a pickle. I am working on creating a new configurator for the business from scratch and I have got most things working correctly. One of the outputs of the configurator is to save the weight of one configured part to a UD field called LineWeight_c on OrderDtl. I cant figure out a good way to get this value to update accordingly when the order quantity changes on the line.

I was thinking the easiest way to do this would be to have a UD field that stores the weight of one configured item. Then I would have a BPM that runs when the quantity is updated to multiply the per item weight times quantity to then insert back into the LineWeight_c field. Am I off base here or is there an easier way involving the configurator that I am not considering?

Sorry in advance if this is a bit incomprehensible as this is week 3 of me learning Epicor and I am VERY new to ERPs in general.

Sounds like you are on the right track. You could possibly make a couple fields to make things a little easier and have something like LineWeight_c (total) and PartWeight_c. You could also calculate on the fly using a BPM if quantity changes or a document rule should someone re-configure and change the weight or the first time configuration.


I have document rules set up to save the correct weight to LineWeight_c. The problem with this is that the end users do not want to have to reconfigure the part if they need to change the quantity. As for working with BPMs is there a way apart from using a UD field to store a value indefinately? I realize its probably the easiest way to handle the data, I was just wondering If its possible to do what I am doing without utilizing UD fields.

I understand - you need to account for the fact if they change the weight as well in the configurator and not just quantity. The quantity change would be a BPM and yes you could do this without the UD fields but I would recommend using them.

I’ll second having the configurator calculate the unit weight and store that with the OdrerDtl. Then use a qty change bpm to update the line weight.

Especially since the typical flow (at least for us) is

  1. Enter config p/n
  2. Configure the part
  3. Continue like it was a non-cfg’d part
    Like: Qty, Releases, Special shipping, etc.
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Yeah I think that this is the route that I am going to go. Thanks for all the suggestions!