Configurator prompt to make new part

When “Prompt user to confirm new part” in Configurator Entry, I get the prompt, but it is kind of cryptic, as it doesn’t show the P/N to be created.

For example, I have a configurable Part SPL-FGR-CFG, and a configurator SPL-FGR-CFG (I like to name them the same). And my configurator runs with the new P/N of SPLF-A1000-BH010-010K, that new P/N doesn’t show in the prompt. Instead, I get:


Any way for that to show the target part (SPLF-A1000... in my example)?

Clicking Yes, does indeed create my target P/N.

I do display the target Partnum in the configurator. But it would be nice for the user to know what P/N the system is about to create - as a double check.

I ran a trace to see what data is being passed around, and in the BO Erp.Proxy.BO.ConfigurationRuntime, method SuggestSmartString, I see entries for smartStringValues and outSmartString:

<parameter name="smartStringValues" type="System.Collections.Generic.List&lt;Erp.Shared.Lib.Configurator.PCKeyValuePair&lt;System.String,System.String&gt;&gt;"><![CDATA[System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Erp.Shared.Lib.Configurator.PCKeyValuePair`2[System.String,System.String]]]]></parameter>
<parameter name="outSmartString" type="System.String"><![CDATA[]]></parameter>

But nothing about the new P/N until the next method: PartExists (same BO), where the entry is:

<parameter name="newPartNum" type="System.String"><![CDATA[SPLF-B1124-BH010-010K]]></parameter>