Configurators Run on Order Entry from different site

We are wondering, as we are testing out configurators on different sites for an upcoming upgrade, if it is possible to run a configurator properly that is setup with parts/operations/resources specific to a different site form order entry.

Our scenario is that customer service will enter multiple lines for a single order that would use configurators setup to separate sites. So they don’t want to jump into the order from the other site to enter the lines.

I’ve found that if you have parts/opr/resources not set in both sites it will error. That is expected, but is there a method to work around that?

Other just setting up mock part/opr/resource in the site that really doesn’t use it. I’ve tested that as well and it sorta works in that it will let you save the configuration. However since the part associated to the configurator is a different site will not let you actually create a job on either site. As in Site “B” can’t see to create the job since it was created using site “A” configurator and Site “A” can’t get a correct job because the base part associated to the configurator is setup for Site “B”.

Just have the method that the configurator uses have an Alternate method for each site. so no mater where the Release is built at it wont error.
you can even use the same ops, just have a resource in each site tied to that Op

Since we use Set Part Number Only, as we do not create a physical part in the system. By having that set we aren’t creating a part revision so it doesn’t give me options to create an alternative methods.