Confirmed Check Box on uBAQ

I was asked to write a BAQ that will return all unconfirmed PO’s. They would like this to be on a dashboard and be able to check the confirmed check box from the dashboard to update the PO I have written a uBAQ that will return all unconfirmed purchase orders but I can’t get the checkbox checked. I have used the advanced column editor configuration and used all choices from the editor type. In the BAQ I can get it to work but when I put the query in the dashboard I can’t check the box. Anyone know what I could possibly check?
Lisa Meeks

There could be several problems…

  1. you must be an Authorized Buyer in order to edit a PO… if not, you will get an exception message that says "You are not authorized to maintain Purchase Orders for ".
  2. the PO may have some other problem, like it isn’t Approved yet… In the normal UI, you cannot confirm until it is approved.

I just tried this out myself with a PO, and found a PO that I was personally allowed to confirm/unconfirm with the UI… then I made a simple 3 field updatable dashboard on POHeader (Company, PONum and Confirmed field)… only Confirmed field was updatable. It worked perfectly for the PO I was able to confirm with the UI… other POs were rejected.

Have you done an updateable dashboard before? There are some check boxes that you have to check to make it updateable, and you have to deploy the dashboard as an assembly. It doesn’t work in run time. To test it, go to deploy dashboard and you can click test to bring it up without having to actually create the menu item.

This is my first updatable dashboard. Everything works in the uBAQ and when I run the test in the dashboard before deploying I can’t get it to work. I have the updatable checkbox on the dashboard checked. What other boxes need to checked?

in the Grid Properties (right click on the grid view of the dashboard), you have to select the Updatable AND he prompt fields to make them updatable… Then you have to deploy it.

Thank you so much for all the help. I was able to successfully deploy the dashboard and it works great.

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