I am looking for Consultant with specific skills. Am I allowed to use this forum to ask for Help. Or would this be bad form.



You may certainly ask for consultants with specific skills, just have them reply to your email address and not in this forum. THAT would be bad form. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mark

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correct, users are allowed to reach out for help as they desire, you can ask for this in your topic/post even. However do not create further posts having open dialog regarding that. Also R.I.P inbox…

How do I reply to Glenn? I don’t have his email addresss.

If you click on someones name, there is a ‘message’ button

That allows you to send private messages.

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That feature is not enabled for everyone though :frowning:

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Only members with Trust Level of 2 or more have access to this feature. That is to prevent users from spamming others when they first join the forum and haven’t provided any value to the community or actively engage in the site.

@randallweber feel free to post your email directly here if you’d like Glenn to reach you. However it appears he was asking an administrative question and not specifically requesting that consultants approach him (yet)


Hi Randall

Below is link to call for help. Cheers. Glenn

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