Control (Grid) does not retain original size


I have resized a native epiUltraGrid and have set it initial size (height/width). I have set the Anchor property to top, left, right, bottom so that it should resize itself when form is maximized.

The problem I am facing is that when grid displays on run-time, its size is different than what was set in properties. Also when screen it maximized I am not seeing the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

There could be some basic settings that I am missing as I am new to Epicor 9 customization.

Any help would be appreciated!


Yes, grids are tricky, plenty of others have had problems like you describe.
You could try searching for “delete anchor” to find some threads related to grid size/location quirks.

Here is one…

And what I usually do… use the treeview in customization mode to identify the top level container for the grid I’m interested in. I usually have pretty good luck modifying size/positions when I work only at that top level container.


let me refer you here

and welcome to the club :wink: LoL

I had success on the Quantity Adjustment screen with the advice from @hasokeric - using the Custom XML editor to remove anything that it puts in automatically relating to the grid.