Converting Classic Dashboard to Kinetic using two BAQ's. Trouble with subscribing on the second BAQ

I’m trying to update a dashboard from Classic to work in the Kinetic UI that looks and works as describe in this screen shot.

When I tried converting it by deploying the Classic to Kinetic using the generate Kinetic View feature, it created this layout and results do not pull in the Job Memos – panel grid card. (Note that the title on that panel grid card says Job Memos – Currently Not Updateable. It pulled in that way from the Classic version of this dashboard. It is updateable and does work properly in Classic, but the title wasn’t updated to reflect that at the time. I just corrected that now.)

It also created 1 Rule for SysDashboard Filters.

Several Events:

And 4 data views:

The dashboard pulls from a BAQ primarily based the Job Header table and populates the top-level panel grid card. All the filters are in this BAQ. There are none on the dashboard.

In the Classic version, the top grid publishes the JobHead_SysRowID and then the updateable grid for the memos filter has the subscribe setting as shown here.

In the Kinetic version, on the memos panel grid card, metafx-panel-card-grid->Data->Grid Model->Provider Model, I added the BAQ ID that pulls in the Memo data using an updateable BAQ. Then, in the “Where List”, the Column: Memo_RelatedToSysRowID = ‘?{MPIMachBacklogShopDisp_0_0.JobHead_SysRowID}’. I don’t get any results returned in the memos panel grid card on any records.

Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong are greatly appreciated.