Copy Company Specific Data

We are bringing a new company online into Epicor and are going to be doing a lot of things in test for this company. Is there an easy way to extract all data for 1 company and then bring it into live? We can’t overwrite it with just a DB backup because Test will differ from our live as we have another company in there that will be using Epicor while we set you company up.

I can’t imagine we are first people who want to do this, so hopefully you guys know what we can do.


Hi Aaron,

This was our procedure:

  • Made a copy of the Live database and copied to Pilot (or Test).

  • Added Entries via DMT using PowerShell.

  • Tested

For static data (UOM Class, UOM, Product Groups, GL, etc.), once we tested and were please with the results, we would add it to the Production Database. These are items that could be deleted if there were no transactions.

Repeat the loop: Backup live, copy to Test environment, Run your scripts, Test some more.

On go-live, we would just run our well-tested PowerShell scripts on the Live database (after a backup of course!)

Mark W.