Copying DB/BAQ from Test Environment Problems

I have had more than 1 occasion now where I built and tested a BAQ/DB combo in our test environment and when copied and deployed in our live it does not re-create exactly

It is mostly functional but the items I notice that ‘fall apart’ are:

Group by
Formatting of numbers (getting rid of the zeros past the decimal)

I normally can be fixed in our live environment but we are trying not to do any DB/BAQ editing in the production world.

I am diligent about making new BAQ/DB names and the icon name is live is also generally a new (using R1…R4) so getting associated with anything old is unlikely. The BAQ is dedicated to this new DB (not used elsewhere)

This happens on my most complex BAQ/DB combos, I am wondering if there is some type of limit either in the DB or BAQ (or the combo) and if there is a way to understand this up front. When I say complex I mean putting together a good deal of tables that are not automatically related and a fair amount of calculated fields