Correlation Id - Now what

API errors out with a correlation id. So what? Now what?

Where does one go for more information? What does that information mean?

You search for that ID in Epicor’s server logs in your app server. You should see more details about the error there.

Ok, dumber question - how do I get to the logs if we are cloud and I don’t have access to the server?

Sorry, we’re on-prem but maybe somebody else here can jump in ?

Right now, you have to fill out a ticket with the approximate date/time of the error and the correlation ID to retrieve the content of the error message.

I’ve been campaigning for a few years to move to a more DevOps approach to expose logging to developers without access to the server. Feel free to add a vote and, more importantly a comment with this request.

FWIW, we’re on-prem and I do not have access to any server that has production data on it - which includes our Test instance. I do have a local VM that I use when I want to see what code does in the database. I’m not going to be the cause of a data leak! I spoke to @Bart_Elia a few years ago requesting that Epicor provide developer VMs (Education Database) for a similar capability for cloud users. Heck, on-prem devs/consultants might like this too. Having an easily accessible dev/test environment is right out of the Unicorn Project DevOps book.


see: Error Messages with "Correlation ID" - See Idea: KIN-I-4228