Cost roll-up error - loading cost not being upload

Hi Everyone,

We encounter this issue on December 31 where I wasn’t able to upload the cost into the costing workbench using the Actions>Load Cost Details.
The error below didn’t let any of my parts cost to be upload, and for these reasons I wasn’t able to do my cost roll-up.
We did update the cost for some of our parts and our Labor/Burden rate was updated too.
Did anyone had this issue before?

I’ve run into this issue where parts where missing a part cost id.

I think epicor support had a datafix, so I didn’t have to get creative to fix.

Thank you for your message, How long toke Epicor to fix this issue for you?

same day

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Thank you @bderuvo but it was parts that we already roll-up before, All the parts has part cost id.