Standard Cost Update

I am new to Epicor and to DMT.
I have a DMT built for:

  1. Any changes to Purchase Parts in Cost Adjustment
    once loaded that will change the part cost.
  2. All labor types in ResourceGroup
  3. All burden types in ResourceGroup
    I want to analyze the effect separately.
    *** I don’t understand the Cost Rollup. What does Load cost details do? If I am updating ALL resource information, I need to roll ALL parts (M&K) Do I select all parts in the “load cost details” and then pick all again in the “rollup”?
    I ran a test and the labor and burden was zeroed out.

This one helped me: Cost Rollup, Costing Workbench steps and costing rollup details


I am new to the costing workbench and need information on how to process a cost rollup and what the utility can do

Also: The Epicor Users Group has a very informative Costing Workbench Power Point.


Where do I find “this one”? embedded learning?
What Epicor Users Group?

Check out