Create a MessageBox when the "Generate" method is used on the "New Po Suggestions" form

Hi all, new to Epicor and attempting to learn. I was wondering if there was a way to get a messagebox to fire after the “generate” method was used. We are wanting to have this messagebox have the newly created PoNum and current ReqNum. If anyone has documentation or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Welcome Joshua!
Your first step is to identify the underlying method you want to capture. You best bet here is to run a trace, and use Jose’s trace differ tool to parse out the methods. There are lots of post on here about how to run a trace. And @josecgomez created a handy tool to help clarify the contents of the ugly trace files. You can downloads the tool here: Trace Helper Utility for Epicor ERP 10

I didn’t run a trace myself. I couldn’t find a method called ‘generate’ under the PO business object. But, let’s say you ran your trace and found your method. Next, open the Method Directives Maintenance. Choose your business object. This is usually similar to the table name, or form name you are concerned with. In your case, I think it is PO. Next choose the method you want to capture and use. In Method Directives Maintenance, insert a new pre-processing directive. Perhaps a post-processing directive may be more appropriate here. It depends on when the data is available. Before or after the method fires.

You create your directive in the BPM editor. Inside this editor there is a message box widget called Show Message. This widget can be customized to show any number of fields or variables. You may need a few other widgets to pull the PONum and ReqNum into variables that you can show in this message box.

If you can get this far in, I think you will be in a good place to ask a more directed question.
Good luck!

Thank you for the reply! I’ll start trying to dig a bit deeper into this

This isn’t the problem you want to start with. Generate PO’s is an ugly black box that you can’t really get any info from. You have to replace the whole thing to do what you want to do. Other places, you can get stuff like this, but this specific problem is a dumpster fire waiting to happen.

^^actual video of me re-making PO suggestions


Did you end up re-making it?

Yes, I had to. I replaced the stock generate button with my own and called a UBAQ where I did it all manually. But that’s overkill to simply get a popup message. We had other requirements for the project.

Wow Brandon that is insane.

Would it be doable using a baq through customizations? Lets say after “Generate” is done, use the information from the previous entry to populate a popup?

Seems like a similar request to this one. Instead of approving the PO though, you could use the show message widget to show the info from the PO table.

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