Created a UD Field In a Setup Screen, How do I make it populate?

I set up a UD Field on Customer Part Cross Reference as a text field to put in notes that will always be associated with the part number and customer. Now I would like this UD Field to populate on the Sales Order Entry Screen when I select a Customer Part Number that has content in said UD Field.

Any suggestions on how to go about this? One of the big issues is that the CustxPrt Table that I put the UD Field in does not pull up as an available EpiBinding on the Sales Order Entry Screen.

Any help would be appreciated.


I think you’ll need a bit of custom code for this one. You can try using linq (linq = db queries with c#) to get the UD field, and put that code in a form-load event (along with code to populate your textbox). You can use the “event wizard” when you are in customization mode to get you started with the form event, and there are many posts here related to using linq in BPM’s/Customizations.