Adding field from Manufacturer to Qualified Manufaturer Maintenance screen

I am trying to bind a textbox on the Qualified Manufacturer Maintenance screen to a UD field created on the Manufacturer table. As far as my research has shown, there is no documentation that describes such a procedure.

Surely it is not impossible to make a new table show up in the EpiBinding dropdown?

Have you looked at the Customization Guide? Ice Tools Guide? I know for a fact these guides show you how to bind textbox to custom UD fields.

The problem is (presumably) that the table you want to reference is not part of the current screen. With EpiBinding, it is binding to an EpiDataView that is on the current form - not direcctly to a table/field

I attempt to add a field as the guide describes, but I am unable to select any field for the column name. I assume there is something I’m missing?

I’ve also added LikeValues to the field, but still nothing

Look like you are trying to make a new view instead of a child view. You need to pick a parent view that has some field that logically links to (a field in) the table you are trying to get.

If you are unsure of the link, you can open the Business Activity Query editor and play with it in there to figure it out.

The link I am trying to make is on AprvMfg.MfgNum == Manufacturer.MfgNum.
Is this not the correct screen to create a child view? I selected AprvMfg as the parent view because it has the MfgNum I need to make the link, but there are no options to select in the “Column Name” dropdown.

The only Parent Views that I can select that populate that dropdown are PartList and PartXRefMfg. PartXRefMfg also has the MfgNum field on its table, but only PartNum appears in the dropdown.