Auto Populate Text box on Open with on a UD table

We are relatively new to UD tables, so I am sure there is something small we just don’t know about.

We have created a customization based on a UD table. What we are trying to do is have the text field auto populate when called via Right click open with call context menu. But when we do this it opens up blank.


I tried setting it up as a custom like column, but this didn’t seem to resolve the issue. This text box does function as a part number when you try an open with , with all the call context methods available, but we need it to work in reverse

I believe you will need to manually set the value by getting the launch form options on the form load event, then set the field to the value you get from LFO.

That was it thank you.

For anyone with a similar issue in the future this is the code I put in the Form Load Event that got what I needed

if(UD20Form.LaunchFormOptions !=null)
	LaunchFormOptions lfo = UD20Form.LaunchFormOptions;
	epiPartNum.Text = lfo.ValueIn.ToString();