Creating shipments for multiple sites using a scheduled event

I have a requirement to automatically create shipments but the orders and jobs may be in different sites. Looking for some creative ideas here.
I have gone down the path of a data directive on the SysAgentSched but that seems to only work for the site/plant that the user that launched it is logged into.

Has anyone had any success with something like this?

Look into User Process Scheduler which is an Epicor Add on. Those can be scheduled. If you’re on a high enough Epicor version, you can also utilize Epicor Functions and schedule those. You could try writing a powershell script to consume the API and run that on a schedule in Windows. Lots of ways to skin this cat

The issue isn’t getting something scheduled. The issue is that we have several orders, which have direct links to jobs. These orders/jobs are in different sites. When you create a shipment, you can only create a shipment for orders that are in the site the user is logged into.
So far, the path has been to leverage MRP to create the jobs - use the site settings to firm them up when they are generated. Then run the Auto release process. Then we have a scheduled directive that creates labor adjustments to mark these all complete.
The desire is to have another process that will create the shipments in the background.
There is a specific business requirement where it does not make sense for the user to create the job, login to report activity and then have to create the shipment just so it can be invoiced.

The server side Session object has a PlantID field. It is a public string but I have not ever tried to use it to change sites, but worth a try.

After decompiling Ice.Core.Session.dll, I see that several promising methods are called when you change the PlantID, so that’s encouraging.