Credit Card Posting Process - BPM

When we post our invoices, I have a quick and dirty Data Directive that gets called when the posting changes from false to true in the InvcHead table. This isn’t getting fired on our CC postings. When looking at the debug logs for the BPM, the data directive gets called multiple times when the CC process occurs, which makes sense.

Does anybody know of the conditions I can use to capture when an shipping/miscellaneous invoices gets posted due to an automatic CC payment processing?

Hi Doug,

It seems that for the CC posting, the Invoice is created as InvcHead.Posted = true, that is why your Data Directive is not being fired on change from false to true.

I would at least create a condition of “there is at least one added row in the ttInvcHead table and that ttInvcHead.Posted on the changed row equals to true”.

You have to be careful though, because that condition is also met when you post an on account cash receipt and the unapplied invoice gets created, so you might want to tweak the conditions a bit to meet your particular scenario.

I hope this helps.

I put in an e-mail block to send me the data being sent to the BPM. Based on that I figured out the conditions that need to be met to get the needed data. I just have to fix some of my coding because it’s based on the invoice being there already, which isn’t the case for this situation.

I just haven’t had the time to get back to it, but hope to soon.

Thanks for the info! The condition that I have right now is overkill, so I will use some of your suggestions to try to streamline it.

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