Credit Card Prepayments

How are others dealing with this issue from one of my users?

With the switch to Epicor, we have to make changes to the Credit Card

Unfortunately.Epicor doesn't like prepayments without Sales Orders
Numbers. So this means there can not be anymore Credit Cards processed
without Customers already in the system and a Sales Order created. It
doesn't matter if that new Sales Order has no lines to process.
Epicor posts the prepayment to the Sales Order immediately so Billing
doesn't need to attach it or remember that there is one out there.

So, on the credit card form, we have to be sure to put the Sale Order
number on it or it will be sent back.

JobBoss didn't really care how we did this – to apply a
prepayment took 2 seconds. In Epicor, prepayments are a nightmare.

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