Crystal Reports for E10.1.500- Preview not available

Hello Guys,
Is crystal reports still supported by E10 ? Trying to run crystal reports on 10.1.500, set a system agent, test some reports. Some reports get completed successfully, but not going to preview mode…is there any change need to be made ?


I believe Crystal Reports is no longer supported by Epicor, but you can run it. After you run your report, go into the system monitor and check the History Tasks tab. If it failed, check the event log on the server. If it completed but still didn’t preview, click on the reports tab, select the report in question, and click on the print preview button. You may get another error message that is more detailed and helpful.

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The reports show as completed with no error but it does not show up in the Reports tab. It does not even print preview when the pop up says the report completed. Any thoughts?

It’s been a couple of years since I had to do this. So my memory is a little fuzzy. Take a look at my comments on this post and see if you can follow the steps that I went through. Let me know if something is vague or confusing.

Also, check your task agent first and restart it. Maybe it will be as something as simple as that.

I restarted the task agent and same thing where it goes to completed but not the Report tab.

These are standard reports such as Job Traveler and Production Detail reports that are not previewing. From what I’ve been told, it could take up to 2 hours before it shows up in the Reports tab. There was the initial instance where it went to the Reports tab but subsequent reports will no longer go to the Reports tab.

A few things to check.

Go into Company Maintenance -> Email and Reporting and make sure Allowed Report Style is set to Crystal and SSRS.

Can you also post the fields or a screen shot of your report styles. The standard report style for Job Traveler or Production Detail will work.

Do you have access to your app server where you can access the event viewer?

And if you want, you can wait two hours to see if they appear :smile:

It is set to Crystal and SSRS in Company Maintenance.


I also tried doing a Test Connection to the SSRS Report Server and that failed?

Is the CR Runtime installed on the client?


The CR Runtime for 10.1.500 is available at:

I can never rememeber whether the bit depth (32 vs 64) needs to match the client O/S, App Server O/S or App Server version

Can you verify the Report Location directory exists. Find that directory on the server and see if there are any .rpt files.

Also, it’s been a while, but I think you have to change the output location to xml.

Another thought. I believe the standard out of the box crystal report files do not come with Epicor 10. You may have to download them from Epicweb.

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And Epicor provided an SSRS version for every Report that was CR based in V8. So you should only need to run a CR version if you customized it. And in that case you’d be bringing your .RPT files from V8.

I am just seeing it come through the Reports tab now after about an hour. When I do a print preview from the Report tab, it previews fine so the report files look correct. It seems there is a delay once it completes to auto preview and go to the Report tab.

Very interesting. I have never heard of something like this happening before.

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Its strange that it completes but doesn’t even auto preview.

What happens if yo select the preview tool from the reports tab on Sys Monitor, right after it appears there? Does it preview right away, or still take an hour?

Yes it previews right away.

Maybe its a Crystal thing. I recall in V8 that you could “get out of sync” with print jobs and previews. If you started a second print before the first one previewed, the second, would never show until the 3rd print was ready to display. And at that time, the second would show. And the 3rd wouldn’t display until the 4th was ready…

You’d always be “one behind”.

It doesn’t even auto preview. You have to manually click on the print preview icon for it to even preview.